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I am Bethany Clare Moriarty - Photographer
I grew up in Albury, with my family of 2 brothers, 4 sisters. I attended school locally and graduated from Charles Sturt University Albury (with a Bachelor degree in teaching). After a year of teaching in Albury I decided to spread my wings and move to Melbourne in search of my true passion.

While in Melbourne I explored working as an actress and model in the TV, film and fashion industry. (This provided me with a range of experience that have helped shaped my style for creating beautiful, modern and stylish images.)

 Finding the work to be too unreliable I found myself a “sensible” job and went back to teaching full time. After a few years working and feeling quite unhappy the majority of the time, my life took quite an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer, that made me unable to work.

While I spent almost two years having treatment I had a lot of time to contemplate my life and my future. If I survive do I really want to go back to a life I didn’t enjoy...?

Then one afternoon as I was  desperately completing online quizzes and personality tests to learn about what I might like to do… I started noticing that photography kept appearing as a result. Photography?? I didn’t even own a DSLR camera? Could this really be for me? The job I have been searching for my whole life?

The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense, I had always been a very creative person, as a kid I would spend hours capturing images and manipulating digital photos just for fun.  I had always loved being in front of camera and taking photos of other people and things. I spent most of my teenage years going through rolls of film shooting with my sister and anxiously waiting the many days to have them developed! Maybe this could be something I would enjoy? I knew I had at least one more year of treatment. Maybe this time could  be used towards something else. Maybe I could achieve something?

So, I took the plunge and brought my very own DSLR camera and enrolled in a Diploma of Professional Photography...


Long story short, I had found my light, my new sense of purpose, a creative outlet for me to forget about what I was going through. It gave me hope. I felt excitement that there was so much more I could discover and achieve. Almost 10 years later I am doing well. I have travelled to America, Thailand, Sweden and even Iceland. Photography has now become my life, my career and I am so grateful each day that I am here and I found something that challenges and excites me.


I have a passion for creating beautiful, timeless images, for finding the beauty in others and helping them see it too. I am also super passionate about empowering people to show up more in their business and succeed in following their dreams.


Would you like to have beautiful photographs of yourself and the ones you love, have fun throughout the experience while capturing precious memories that will last a lifetime?  Book now for your photography session with me. Portraits start from $250 and wedding collections $2200. 

I welcome you to take a few minutes to look through my galleries and please feel free to get in touch.

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